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N-acetylcysteine in the treatment of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura Treatment with rosuvastatin monotherapy helped in resolution of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in patients with metabolic syndrome Rosuvastatin lowers systemic inflammatory response in coronary artery bypass graft accompanied by cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. Nebivolol in heart failure : A review Nebivolol in preventing atrial fibrillation following coronary surgery in patients over 60 years of age.

Infection Management
Colistin: An old polymyxin antibiotic nasopharyngeal bacteria & respiratory viruses are associated with acute respiratory infection symptoms.

Pregabalin in generalised anxiety disorder: A review Treatment with pregabalin in GAD patients with inadequate treatment response to antidepressants and severe depressive symptoms.

Pain Management
Pregabalin can relieve pain in burning mouth syndrome.

Preneu M75 Capsules....

Preneu M75 Capsules
Pregabalin 75mg+Mecobalamin 750mcg

Reduces Pain and sleep disturbances due to neuralgin

Exerts neuronal protection by antagonizing glutamate-inducedneurotoxicity


Significantly better safetyprofile and compliance than amoxicillin- clavulanic acid combination


shows significat decrease in IL 1beta and IL-61in Patient with burn

Effective treatment for moderate to servere postoperative pain

Provide effective analgesices for acute postoperative pain

Relor-16SR ....

Strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory NSAID
As effective as oopioid anglgesics in ereducing postoperative pain
10 time mor potent than piroxicam
Shows superior efficacy than piroxicam
Shows superior efficacy than rofecoxib in reducing symptoms of osteoarthritis


carbonyl Iron:Reduces iron deficiency signigicantly & well tolerated'
Folic Acid: Helps erythroblasts for Proliferation thus maintains erythropoiesis


General Medicine (Burns Management)
Action of Trypsin: Chymotrypsin Preparation on Acute-phase Proteins following Bum Injury in Humans
Efficacy and Safety of Trypsin- Chymotrypsin on Inflammatior Conditions

Restovin ....

Restovin(softgel capsules)
resveratrol 30% 5 mg+ Graps seed Extract 50mg + Omego 3 Falty Acids 150mg +
EPA 90mg + DHA 60mg + Zinc 20mg +Selenium 200mcg +Chromium 200mcg

General Medicine ....

General Medicine (Burns Management)
Action of Trypsin: Chymotrypsin Prcparation on Acute-Phase Proteins Following Burn Injury in Humans
A Study was carried out to investigate the efficacy of trypsin:Chyotrypsin(Chymora forte DS) Preparation on burn patients by analysing the changes taking place in serum acute-phase proteins